Comments on: "How Does Your Light Shine…" (3)

  1. What is the difference between our relationshipwith the Father and our relationship with the Supreme?

    • I think our relationship with the Father is one of total mercy, love and forgiveness. But the Supreme wants to see results! It’s like the difference between your mom and your boss. Your mom always thinks you’re wonderful, your boss just wants to know about production.
      What do you think?

  2. lol Well who’s the boss? Don’t say Tony Danza ethier! hahahaha… Are you refering to the supreme as the boss? If so the supreme is prepersonal so to speak and therefore only crave nurishment… All things qualify as nurishment IMO. The motivation to do better, and to accomplish higher ideals steams from knowledge of the goodness of the Father. So it’s like we are the boss, and the employee as well. Life is but a day’s work do it well, right?! ; ) Love ya sis

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